Online E-Learning

PentaTr@ining 2020: ‘HIV & other Congenital Infections’

Builds on the success of previous Tr@inforPedHIV courses and now includes congenital infections. The modules are interactive and focus on case based teaching

Our Approach

High Quality Tailored Content
Tutored online training and real life clinical cases
Acclaimed faculty
Highly experienced, world class faculty
Long term commitment
Networking opportunities to forge lasting clinical, teaching and research networks
Innovative learning design
Use of discussion forums and interactive webinars
Module 1

Preventing Vertical Transmission of HIV

Module 2

Congenital ‘SCORTCH’ Infections

Module 3

Children with HIV

Module 4

Treating HIV in children

Module 5

Complexities of HIV, co-infections and co-morbidities

Module 6

Adolescents, Sexual Health and ‘Living with HIV’

The design of our Learning Management System (LMS) has been specifically tailored for this training course. This environment is very user-friendly and provides a shared space for students and teachers to solve problems together and engage in a collaborative and synergistic building of knowledge. It maintains a learning portfolio for each participant and manages student interaction with an individually assigned online instructor. The e-learning platform is also fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

Pre and post module tests for each module will help participants and tutors to monitor the efficacy of the online learning. Discussion forums will allow for specific questions to be raised and for rewarding group interaction. The platform will also provide the student with access to essential educational documents.
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